David Maxwell Miles

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David Miles claims to be living in an AirBnB, having just moved over to the US from the UK on a 2 yr work visa and has not received his social security number yet. This makes running credit or criminal reports impossible for most landlords to verify any background.

He provides an employment letter from Thomas Brockson, the Founder & Managing Partner of Realty Capital Holdings, LLC, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Realty Capital Holdings has a website ( that makes them seem legitimate, however, the domain name of the site was fraudulently obtained using a fictitious phone number and email address. This is completely illegal. The company has a street address which is MailLink, a company that forwards emails, phone calls and actual mail to a different location.

David Miles agrees to have the company co-sign his lease claiming he understands the need to make the owner "comfortable" with his situation then asks to have the lease signed through DocuSign. That way, no one gets to meet or talk directly to Thomas Brockson, someone who does not exist. We believe Thomas Brockson is a fictitious person created by David Miles to sign leases and employment letters. David Miles would have to commit fraud in order to set up the fake DocuSign authorization.

There is much more. Please continue to read about David's Dirty History.