David's Dirty Scheme

  • David Miles enters into a lease, promises to pay the move in costs with a check, comprising of first month rent, full security deposit and any other fees which are due at that time.
  • First however, he claims the funds have not yet reached his account so he can't provide it right away but will drop it off once they have been deposited, which turns out to be a day or so.
  • The check he gives you is returned from the bank as "bounced" and "Refer to Maker".  HIS FUNDS ARE NOT GOOD.

How the Scheme Plays Out

Mr. Miles then claims this all had to do with getting his bank set up, based on all financial information entered correctly into the bank's system. He then communicated that he will have his work assistant deposit another check but this never happens and by this time, he's into the house for almost 2 weeks and comfortably moved in. After numerous attempts to get the funds due and coming up with nothing, we served a 3 day Pay or Vacate. David sent an email saying he had his assistant "Mandi" all set up to make the deposit, AGAIN, but instead, he had her bring the check back to him and he states he has to figure out what the "eviction" situation is, claiming ignorance and he has to contact his "attorney", AJ, in Las Vegas. AJ is supposedly an employee of Realty Capital Holdings. Whenever you try to communicate or try to serve notices, David does not answer the door. He refuses requests to inspect the home, does not cooperate and continues to give excuses. David and his attorney's stance is that we as landlords have ignored the rights of tenants and are not following the Statues and RCW's. This whole time, David Miles has not paid a dime to the owner and HE feels like WE'VE gotten off to a bad start.

On his application he claimed to have no pets and contrary to his lease agreement which excluded any pets, he brought in a dog and cat. In addition, he closes all the blinds and installs security cameras facing outside. We tried to put a For Lease sign in the yard, which we have every right to do and he removed it numerous times and threatened to use Quikset in the plumbing system.

We have successfully served this deadbeat his eviction notice. As it turns out, David Miles has lived in the Bellevue/Sammamish area for years, contrary to his story when trying to find housing. He has performed this scam on numerous other landlords and we want everyone to know.

Here is a partial list of his judgments/legal cases and dates filed. This is just a small portion of everything you can find on this thief. Click the button below to actually open/download/view the details of all the legal action against this scamming con artist.

But before clicking below, take a look at the King County Court Records list against Miles.

  • 10/5/16 NWTradition.com v. Miles. Final Judgment against Miles
  • 10/5/16 NWTradition.com v. Miles. Writ of Restitution
  • 9/26/16 Eviction Served. NWTradition.com, Bellevue, WA
  • 7/27/16 Ji vs Miles. Unlawful Detainer in Bellevue, WA. Judgment/Order/Decree filed
  • 3/16/16 Evergreen Point Properties vs Miles. Unlawful Detainer in Bellevue, WA. Judgment/Order/Decree filed.
  • 8/5/15 Wang vs Miles. Unlawful Detainer in Bellevue, WA. Judgment/Order/Decree filed.
  • 7/1/15 Wang vs Miles. Unlawful Detainer in Bellevue, WA. Judgment/Order/Decree filed.
  • 10/29/14 Ashwood Commons North vs Miles. Unlawful Detainer. Agreed Judgment. Judgment/Order/Decree filed.
  • 5/5/14 Ashwood Commons North vs Miles. Unlawful Detainer. Judgment/Order/Decree filed.


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